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Ten of the best free PS4 themes for your enjoyment.

Oh hai, Jason here.

Well hello there dear reader. What are you up to? Some of you may be playing your fine PlayStation 4, or considering playing it sometime in the not too distant future. But when you turn your PlayStation on, and view that slightly drab screen with that little blue flowing liquidy stream that may remind you of that liquid they pour on feminine hygiene products in adverts....don't you wish for something more scintillating? But the theme section on the PlayStation store wants you to spend money on you could be spending on a topic bar or a packet of Frazzles. There are a selection of free themes....but they're all drab and dull right? WRONG!

Good news, I'm here to guide you through ten of the more delightful free themes for your shiny friend.

 1. World of Final Fantasy

This theme is the main reason I decided to make this very blog. Featuring the characters of the aforementioned world of final fantasy on a train with various monster friends, there is a fair bit going on. Throw in a lovely bit of back ground music and you've got the best free theme going in my opinion. One catch'll need to make Japanese account to grab this theme. (EDIT) Alas it has been brought to my attention that this theme is no longer free by one of our readers (sad face) seems it was only free for the first few months of its release. It can be purchased off the USA store though. I do apologise.

2. REZ

Much like REZ itself, this theme is hard to explain. This is set in a city scape of glowing yellow lights, with the occasional wire frame spaceship flying past, because why the hell not. Some nice relaxing and mildy trippy music add to a surprisingly calming theme.
3. Shadow of the beast (1989)

God I miss Psygnosis, they were goliaths in the PlayStation one days. This theme is based on the original version of the of Shadow of the Beast and scrolls past a creepy landscape with creepy trees and creepy mountains. The music is really quite eerie and takes your mind back to the days where 2D games were trying to be as mature as they could be and push the envelope as much as possible.

4. Paper sculpture

Ah the modern classic game that is paper sculpture. I jest of course. This is one of the three themes that Sony made available when they started to offer fancy new themes. The best of the trio is this theme with its colourful seascape and its daunty little ditty that may inspire you to eat some Captain Birdseye products.

 5. Oddworld new and tasty
This theme is a textbook example of how many themes are divided into two parts with a picture up top and a different one below. The picture above this block of text you're reading now shows Abe giving the inside of the console owners screen a scrub. The other screen shows the classic tool found in the first oddworld game in which the player could fiddle with Abe's communication abilities and make him fart.

6. Festive

Probably the simplest theme on this list as it isn't even thoughtful enough to give you some nice new music. But we do get a lovely Christmas tree that slowly spins around with cubes that show off the games that PlayStation plus members have been gifted...which may also remind you of all the space shooter indie cack we've been given....sigh. Special mention must be made to the King of fighters Santa theme which does have some nice Christmas music to enjoy, but has only static pictures. which is why it didn't manage to 'fight' its way onto this list.

7. Tearaway

I'll be honest with you dear reader, I'm starting to run out of ways to describe these themes. Tearaway is however a lovely game, although the Vita version is better as the game was clearly designed specifically for it. This theme has nice music, a mountain, a theatre production, some gophers....yeah its lovely, give it a download.

8. Until Dawn

Until Dawns theme is rather simple, with an hourglass covering the games snowy lodge in either snow, or'd be nice if it's sherbet. There's also some nice creepy music playing which is what really makes this theme a bit different.

9. Driveclub

Do you enjoy the throaty roar of a super car engine? If the answer is "Yes, I'm Jeremy Clarksons spirit animal" then this is the theme for you. The bold colours are also quite satisfying, a nice simple theme that's shockingly satisfying.

10. Dark Souls III

The theme of choice for shelf fans. Thing is, I'm not a fan of the dark souls games, so I'm not really sure what all those trophies on these shelves actually are, but theres also so creepy music and themes that provide new music always get bonus points.

So that's it for the list I know you were all desperately screaming out for from the bottom of your very souls. I hope I've given some unloved themes some attention, now go out there and enjoy your lives, and remember that you can feed birds plain white rice, but only after its been cooked. Time for the clean up.

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