Wednesday, 28 June 2017

5 of the most dangerous moves in wrestling history.

Oh Hai! Jason here.

Yeah, yeah....I know wrestling is fake, as do most fans (although some parts of the world seem to have a large amount people who believe with all their hearts) but it's not quite as fake as you might assume. The mat isn't a bouncy castle, the chairs and tables are very much real and the blood is created by a wrestling cutting their forehead open with a hidden razor blade. There are also some pretty dangerous moves.Now just to clarify...I'd argue there is two potential meanings to the term "Dangerous moves". The first are moves that would be dangerous if used to actually hurt someone, these include moves such as Seth Rollins curb stomp and Randy Orton's Punt kick to the head. However this list focuses on option B...moves that are genuinely dangerous regardless of how much the giver tries to protect the receiver (...ahem). I'm adding one rule....there won't be any moves only seen in indie wrestling companies, they have to have appeared in major companies (so this list will be Japanese heavy), lets do this!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Dark Arcana: The Carnival

Fun fair...more like fun fear...

God I'm so very sorry for that pun at the top of this article, my brain just couldn't conjure up a half decent funfair based joke. But enough about my depressing lack of comedy genius, we're here to talk about Dark Arcana: The Carnival, one of a growing list of hidden object puzzles games that are beginning to make an appearance on consoles. The hidden object genre seems to be a some what hated one among console owners and I'm not really sure why as they're pretty closely related to point and click games which are one of the most beloved genres among more hardcore gamers. While I'm personally not fanatical about the genre I have played some of them (most notably Nightmares from the deep: The cursed heart) and found them to be a nice change of pace.

Monday, 26 June 2017

My top 5...Super Nintendo games.

Oh hai, Jason here.

First up...I'm going to have to apologise to you all. The SNES is considered one of the finest consoles of all time, so this list should be packed full of stone cold classics, but I was young and foolish when I owned my little SNES and I believed violent games made me cool and licensed games were going to be great works of art, like the foolish youth I was. Now that's not to say this is a dreadful list or anything, but you're not going to see Super Mario World or Link to the past or Mario Kart and for this I can only apologise. But none the less lets get on with this shizz, oh and as with all these lists I'm only picking from games that I owned, now Ralph...get this list started.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

MCM Expo London Recap

Image result for mcm london expo

Apologies for the late posting about MCM London Comic Con May 2017, camera glitch which caused the loss of all my photos and videos, #Feelsbadman. I am working on recovering the photos, and will add them in the post if I manage to get some for the article.

Usually when we write these reviews, we stick to a tried and tested set of questions to answer and
gauge the con in that retrospect. This last MCM Expo I decided to make a change and let people know who were in a situation like myself, you're at the con but you're broke and feeling kinda low about it.

First off, just because you have no money doesn't mean you can't have a good time at MCM. The event organisers make sure there are lots of activities that you can partake in, and if you are that way inclined there are cosplay meetups and photo shoots arranged by third parties.

So, first off I will take you through my convention visit and then run through what else there was available. 

Nintendo E3 2017 Press Conference Recap

Nintendo capped off 2017's E3 with their 25 minute digital conference. Followed immediately after with their standard Nintendo Treehouse, their presentation offered some surprise reveals, and a greater look on some titles that we already knew were incoming. 

It was great to see Nintendo fully embracing the Switch, this time around. Whilst the Wii U sadly gathered some dust, the line-up and 3rd party support is larger for the Switch. 

Check out all of the reveals below!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Ubisoft E3 2017 press conference recap

Oh hai, Jason here

E3: What We Want in Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch

The above tweet is just one comment I saw today from an Animal Crossing fan. We've been crying out for a new console version of this popular series for ages, and with the Nintendo Switch out now, it seems like the perfect time. And no, we don't want another dreadful Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival! 

So, we've established at in this time of E3 announcements and Nintendo's upcoming E3 conference, that fans want a new Animal Crossing. But, what should Nintendo be featuring in their Switch version? Join me as I share some of the bits and bobs that I think they should include.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Dark Rose Valkyrie review

A rose, by any other name...

I'm going to start this review using a some what clunky simile. Dark rose Valkyrie is like a cool substitute teacher, they seem down with the kids as they casually swear, do interesting experiments involving fire and let the class take the lesson outside in the sun...but then the time comes to do the exams at the end of the year and it dawns on you that you don't understand a single thing that's being asked and then you gentle weep as you try and muddle your way though it all. What I ultimately mean is that DRV has some good stuff within in it, including plenty of enjoyable visual novel aspects and a fun combat system...but it's bogged down by poor explanations of in game mechanics, far too many different and useless systems within the combat system and deeply muddled menus....there's a fun game in there, but you'll really have to dig through the undergrowth to find it.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

EA's Pre-E3 EAplay event summary. it in the game?

Hello and welcome to the summary of EA's pre-E3 event called EA play, now lets
check out what they showed the video gaming world.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My top 5...Master System 2 games.

Oh hai, Jason here.

Ah the Master System II, the first console to recieve a sequel. Yet its origins can be traced back to Sega's Mark III console from 1985. Because that's not confusing as hell at all. The Mark III eventually gained enough EXP to evolve into the master system and once the system travelled to the European region it reached its final form...the Master system 2. Which also has the proud distinction of being my very first wander into console land.

The Master System had several memorable features including the sliding lid (good), the pause button located on the console itself (bad), Alex Kidd in miracle world being installed in every system (good), a relatively small catalogue of games (bad), and the maths text book paper box art that was on every game case (good if you needed to do long division but didn't have graph paper to hand). So lets get on with this shizz and find out what my 5 favourite Master System II games were. Oh and as always this list is based on the games I owned when I was a diddy kid, so if I didn't own it, then it can't be on the list.

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