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5 of the most dangerous moves in wrestling history.

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Yeah, yeah....I know wrestling is fake, as do most fans (although some parts of the world seem to have a large amount people who believe with all their hearts) but it's not quite as fake as you might assume. The mat isn't a bouncy castle, the chairs and tables are very much real and the blood is created by a wrestling cutting their forehead open with a hidden razor blade. There are also some pretty dangerous moves.Now just to clarify...I'd argue there is two potential meanings to the term "Dangerous moves". The first are moves that would be dangerous if used to actually hurt someone, these include moves such as Seth Rollins curb stomp and Randy Orton's Punt kick to the head. However this list focuses on option B...moves that are genuinely dangerous regardless of how much the giver tries to protect the receiver (...ahem). I'm adding one rule....there won't be any moves only seen in indie wrestling companies, they have to have appeared in major companies (so this list will be Japanese heavy), lets do this!

5. Burning hammer

Kenta Kobashi is one of my favourite wrestlers ever as few of those who step in the squared circle do as good a job of making the fans believe it might be real. The burning hammer has taken it's place as one of Kobashi's most dangerous moves. Hoisted up into a torture rack position they're then dropped to the side....often on top of their head.

4. Tiger Driver 91

Mitsuharu Misawa might be one of the greatest legends in Japanese wrestling history who sadly died in the ring 2009 from spinal cord injuries. Famous for his hard hitting battles against Toshiaki Kawada, the Tiger driver 91was Misawa's most dangerous weapon. Tiger driver's are basically power bombs, but rather than picking your opponent up by the waist, a wrestler would hook the arms. In Misawa's version he simply releases the arms early....dropping the opponent on his head and neck.

3. Vertebreaker

The only move on this list that's ever been seen in WWE (The Hurricane once used it on Stevie Richards and another time on Justin Credible) this move made it's debut when The Hurricane was plain old Shane Helms in WCW. It's also made it's way to TNA via Homicide. The move itself involves both wrestlers hooking arms while back to back....except one of them is upside down and that person gets dropped on their head.

2. Ganso bomb

Also known as the Kawada driver after it's creator Toshiaki Kawada, this move was created y accident as Kawada had hurt his arm for real during the match (I've read in some places that it was broken...which if true is insane) so he couldn't get Misawa up for a power being a tough Japanese wrestler missing his front teeth Kawada just dropped him on his head. Kawada did use this move a few times after this but believe it or not....this isn't the debut of the move. Rick Rude used a similar move on the Ultimate Warrior at summerslam 1989 with Rude not managing to drag Warrior down he went on his head.

1. Steiner Screwdriver

This move from Scott Steiner has the unique privilege of being used in multiple wrestling promotions....from WWF, to New Japan, to WCW and even TNA. The move involves Scott hoisting his victim up into a falcon arrow....then just releasing them into a seated tombstone pile driver. Out of all head dropping moves here, this is from the greatest height. The only issue is that as the years have gone by the move has mellowed with Steiner slowly shifting his opponent into the tombstone position rather than just dropping them...but at its best this move looks as dangerous as can be.

Well that's it for this little random wrestling blog, hope you had bags of fun....and don't try these moves at home......cause you will genuinely snap your head off. Now time for the clean up.

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