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E3: What We Want in Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch

The above tweet is just one comment I saw today from an Animal Crossing fan. We've been crying out for a new console version of this popular series for ages, and with the Nintendo Switch out now, it seems like the perfect time. And no, we don't want another dreadful Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival! 

So, we've established at in this time of E3 announcements and Nintendo's upcoming E3 conference, that fans want a new Animal Crossing. But, what should Nintendo be featuring in their Switch version? Join me as I share some of the bits and bobs that I think they should include.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf allowed players to meet up in each other's towns via an internet connection. While you weren't able to communicate vocally (Skype calls with my friends at the same time made this a lot easier), it was incredibly fun playing the game with a friend or two. Whether that was fishing, harvesting for fruit and seeds, or taking part in the island challenges, having some buddies on board enhanced it. 

If it comes to the Switch, here's hoping that they develop the multiplayer aspect, letting players take control of the Switch screen and TV at the same time, perhaps, or like in Mario Kart 8's case, the option to link several consoles up for a massive gaming experience. The chance to develop a community with a bunch of friends rather than them just come and visit would be great, too! Collaborative play is pretty fun.

More Collecting!
One of the aspects of Animal Crossing that appealed to me most was the collecting. I loved completing the bug and fish sections, and creating little collections of different clothing. The thing is though, although it can continue to be enjoyable, once you've exhausted the bug and fish collecting, you feel a little lost. If we do finally see a Switch version, then Nintendo should expand and include a lot more things to collect.

Amiibo Cards & Amiibo Functionality 
Of course, Nintendo love their Amiibo. I was the sucker who collected most of the Animal Crossing ones because they're adorable, and as I own Happy Home Designer, I also have a pretty large collection of Amiibo Cards too. 

It seems to be a given that Amiibo's in some form will be functional here, but how? Additional outfits could be a good option. Perhaps the donation of a few bells, or other useful items on a randomly generated basis similar to the one used in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

More Shops
So presently (New Leaf), we have a hairdressers and makeup shop, shoe shop, clothing and homewear stores, the comedy club, museum, travelling art shop, and a Dream Suite (let's you visit other players creations). It'll be interesting to expand and provide additional places to visit, and spend those hard-earned bells in (well...the ones that Tom Nook hasn't already pilfered, anyway). 

New Villagers!
Animal Crossing already has a plethora of characters, but meeting a new one when they wander into your town was always pretty exciting. Let's get some new visitors, Nintendo!

Bigger Inventory
Please! It was kind of frustrating having to head home to drop off any spare items whenever you ran out of space in your inventory. It's pretty damn small, and just expanding the slots a little will stop you having to run to and fro constantly. It's a really small thing to want, really. 

Increased Customisation
Whilst there was already plenty of ways to pretty up your house, it'll be cool to be able to chop and change the way your town looks drastically. Give us different terrain types, let us shape it how we want it, and so on. The more customisation, the less a players town looks like anothers. It also makes visiting others towns a lot more interesting. The home customisation system in Happy Home Designer would also work perfectly for designing inside of houses.

Actually, Happy Home Designer in general would work well if it's combined into the Animal Crossing gameplay. Getting the option to personally design a store or home yourself would be cool. 

if they really wanted to, the team could totally embrace the Harvest Moon-style farming gameplay. Rather than planting flowers and tree trees, players could cultivate crops (turnips, for example), sell them for profit, and so on.

Yeah, that's me!
What would YOU like to see in Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch? 

Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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