Saturday, 10 June 2017

EA's Pre-E3 EAplay event summary. it in the game?

Hello and welcome to the summary of EA's pre-E3 event called EA play, now lets
check out what they showed the video gaming world.
Things kick off with Madden 18, a game no one from the UK could care about. It's getting its own FIFA 17 style story mode called Longshot

Next up We get a whole slew of Battlefield 1 DLC focused on the Russian front. If you're still enjoying Battlefield 1 then this is good, for everyone else...irrelevant.

FIFA 18 is up next, they talk about a sequel to FIFA 17's story mode and bang on about Ronaldo....theres alot of cringe in this section as two British guys try and be funny.

Need for speed: Payback is up next, it looks burnout like at times and seems to want to be a video game version of the fast and furious games...the best thing so far.

Next up is the next game from the creators of indie game, Brothers: a tale of two sons. Called A way out its a co-op only game about two prisoners escaping and is designed with split screen in mind. The only new thing on the show and the best thing by a mile.

Teaser for new Bioware game Anthem which we will see more of at Microsofts conference. 

EA now talk about the next NBA Jam game...SO.MUCH.SPORTS.

We then finish off with Battlefront II, with free DLC for good and it looks pretty nice....if you like star wars then this will be very much for you.

And thats it....a very poor show with only one new game and far, far to many streamers and youtubers and twitterers...the show was Ubisoft levels of cringe, why did EA buy so many game companies only to never use their franchises.

Anyway thats that for this post. Time for the cleanup

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