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MCM Expo London Recap

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Apologies for the late posting about MCM London Comic Con May 2017, camera glitch which caused the loss of all my photos and videos, #Feelsbadman. I am working on recovering the photos, and will add them in the post if I manage to get some for the article.

Usually when we write these reviews, we stick to a tried and tested set of questions to answer and
gauge the con in that retrospect. This last MCM Expo I decided to make a change and let people know who were in a situation like myself, you're at the con but you're broke and feeling kinda low about it.

First off, just because you have no money doesn't mean you can't have a good time at MCM. The event organisers make sure there are lots of activities that you can partake in, and if you are that way inclined there are cosplay meetups and photo shoots arranged by third parties.

So, first off I will take you through my convention visit and then run through what else there was available. 

Friday: On arriving at the con I was with a cadre of nerds (friends) and we entered the halls we all had a mooch around the stalls as I'm sure everyone does. I took a closer look at a few of the game booths, and this is where MCM comes into its own. No other convention that I have been to in London has new and upcoming games being showcased at the convention.

Saturday: Saturday was amazing. Saturday is the busiest of days as this is the day that the group meetups happen the most. There is a patch of grass and some trees out the front of the Excel Centre and there were so many cosplayers and non cosplayers conversing and meeting people that they only get to see at these conventions. I managed to meet up with several people that I hardly ever get to see and I spent a long time conversing with the artists in Artist Alley as their artwork is always a constant inspiration. Artist Alley has always been one of (if not) my most favourite part of Comic Con. I was then informed of a meetup which highly appealed to me because it was of a show that I have been a fan of for 2 years now, the Geek & Sundry show Critical Role. The last year and a half now MCM Expo London has been the meeting place for Critical Role fans a.k.a Critters. These meetups always add a wonderful aspect to a conventions because people who normally would walk past each other in the hall can all come together and talk about what they have seen and let people know of stuff that they might have missed and generate even more excitement to go back into the halls. I also attended the ESL Premiership Hearthstone Spring finals. Hearthstone is a card based video game and usually has a presence in MCM. This was the first year I decided to check out the E-Sports arena and I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely be checking it out again in October.

Sunday: Sunday is always a Cosplay day for me, one last hurrah before the end of the convention and the inevitable con blues strike. There is no feeling quite like people stopping you to ask for photo's it makes you feel proud of the work you put into your costume. The group I was a part of was Post Apocolyptic Marvel, below are a few photos of the group and myself. Photos courtesy of Joseph Leeder Photography.

So, if you are still with me then now I'll list just a few things you can do for free at comic con.

1. Play Video Games
Developers are there with their new games and want to see how the public responds to them. There are also tournaments played and the best gamers can win prizes.

2. Play Board Games
Much like video games there are board game demos happening around the convention and they teach you haw to play the newest games.

3. Photo Opportunities
MCM provides several places for you to have souvenir photos taken, (WARNING) Some independent booths charge for photos.

4. Karaoke / Rock Band
Fancy belting out a memeful song or a classic rock hit, MCM has you covered!

5. Trailer Cinema
A place to sit down and watch the trailers for all the upcoming hits.

6. Panels
Sit down and watch panels featuring all of the guests and some panels where TV shows and cast comes in just for the panel to see fans.

As always we will endeavor to report on all future conventions we attend, next time I will learn to back up SD cards every day after cons to be sure of no loss of content. I will post our last MCM Expo video as a bonus in apology of the lost data.

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