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My top 5...Super Nintendo games.

Oh hai, Jason here.

First up...I'm going to have to apologise to you all. The SNES is considered one of the finest consoles of all time, so this list should be packed full of stone cold classics, but I was young and foolish when I owned my little SNES and I believed violent games made me cool and licensed games were going to be great works of art, like the foolish youth I was. Now that's not to say this is a dreadful list or anything, but you're not going to see Super Mario World or Link to the past or Mario Kart and for this I can only apologise. But none the less lets get on with this shizz, oh and as with all these lists I'm only picking from games that I owned, now Ralph...get this list started.

5. Earthworm Jim

Many of you may recall EWJ as much for the Saturday morning cartoon as this very game which was a game packed full of comedy, some clever, some abstract, some....scatological. Created by Shiny Entertainment, it was a great piece of software but I personally remember it best for being damn bloody hard. The visual style meant the the collision detection could be very dodgy as it was hard to tell where the platforms actually ended making some jumps a bit unfair. But anyone who played EWJ will remember THAT bit from the third level, Down the tubes, where you had to jump in a glass sphere, and jet yourself underwater without cracking the sphere and within the time god that was harder than heck (the second level incidentally).

4. Killer Instinct

The 16 bit era of gaming will be remembered in times to come for many things...and one of those things are the large amount of gory fighting games. They tended to vary in quality such as the cack port of primal rage but Killer instinct is an example of one of the better ones, partly because it had a great combo system which would cause the announcer to bellow out "Super combo....ultraaaa combo" and so on. The cast was fairly good, cinder being a personal favourite, but there was some duffers (Boxing guy, I'm looking at you). One other feature of note was that every copy of the game came with a copy of Killer Kuts....a CD of the soundtrack which was shockingly great.

 3. Super Mario all-stars

This had to be here really. Coming free with most purchases of a SNES (ah remember those days) this may have been the original remaster. The grey cartridge had within in it upgraded versions of Mario 1,2,3 and the lost levels, all great games that have more than stood the test of time. It's kind of hard to say anything that hasn't been said really, Mario 3 is one of the best games ever made, the first Mario has more than stood the test of time, lost levels is more of the same and Mario 2 is an acquired taste but still has tons of imagination. Oh and sorry for not having super Mario world in my collection....just....sorry.

2. The lost vikings

Probably the most left field of all the games on this list, lost vikings had the benefit of being the cheapest game in the Argos catalogue....hence why I had it. But hidden within this cheap little game was a very unique main concept. Three Vikings with different skill sets are trapped on board an alien spaceship and need to find their way home, but end up lost in various time periods. You the player control one of the vikings at a time and switch as needed by pressing the shoulder buttons which leads to the game having alot of complex puzzles and you use the abilities to get through each level. I remember really putting in the hours with lost vikings as it had some decent comedy and a lot of variety...a real hidden gem within the SNES's army of games.

1. Super Metroid

Observant readers may have noticed that super metroid wasn't included on my little list of great SNES games I didn't own...and that's because low and behold...I did (cheap...Argos....hurray). Fun story though....I threw away the instruction booklet, meaning I didn't know you had to tap down twice on the D-pad to use the morph ball...the very first item you receive in the game, so every time I played I got stuck very very early on and raged quit. It was literally over a year before I figured it out (I was young and stupid okay) but when I finally worked it out I discovered a huge game filled with atmosphere. The feeling of isolation, of being one woman versus an entire hostile planet was incredible and the scope of some of the boss fights was overwhelming. One of the greatest of all time and its no wonder Metroid prime 4 was one of the biggest announcements at this years E3.

Well that's that for this list, next's the big one. My favourite console and the machine that turned me into a proper gamer, the PlayStation 1. But first it's time for the clean up.

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