Monday, 12 June 2017

Ubisoft E3 2017 press conference recap

Oh hai, Jason here
Ubisofts E3 press conference has just wrapped up, so here's what was shown off

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle for the switch kicked things off with Miyamoto turning up and having an overlong chat game seems to be a strategy focused shoot similarish to Valkyria chronicles and looked surprisingly good. Out August 29th on switch

Next up was Assassins creed origins, with barely any new info, but the game looks fine. Out October 17th

The crew 2 was shown next in one of the first of several surprises. Main theme seems to be having multiple types of transport such as planes, boats and motorcycles...this got my interest and looks like an improvement.

South park the fractured but whole was the next game as is anticipated by some of the Geekmash team (but personally I'm not bothered) its out October 17th.

Transference a VR game starring Elijah Wood was revealed....seems very abstract.

New IP Skull & Bones was shown off next and seems to be black flags sailing sections with a dose of MMO and sea of thieves. It looked good but is still over a year off.

The inevitable Just dance update turned up next but this was brief and painless, Ubisoft doing a good job of knowing what people want and don't want on'll sell like hotcakes regardless

Next was a south park mobile was a brief demo and's fine that exists I guess.

Switch exclusive space game Star link was next and seems to be skylanders meets no mans sky. It looked decent but may cost people a fortune in spaceship parts as a toy with interchangeable parts was shown on top of the controller.

Steep is getting a winter Olympics update on December the 5th in a pretty smart move.

Some far cry 5 gameplay was displayed, seems to be co-op focused which I'm not a fan of...but the whole gun toting bible belt themes interest me alot.

And then finally Beyond good an evil 2.....yes really. Ubisoft revealed one of the most anticipated games in existence and finished off the show fantastically. Seems its a prequel...and there was a weirdly large amount of swearing which wasn't necessary, but it's actually happening.

All in all Ubisoft did very well with less cringe than previous years, and some strong surprises topped off with a massive finale.

Time for the clean up!

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