Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Agents of Mayhem Preview

Oh hai Jason here.

The newest trailer for upcoming open world action game Agents of Mayhem, the newest game from Saints Row creators Deep silver. The game is coming to the UK on the 18th of August and rather uniquely is set in the same world as the Saints Row games even though Agents of Mayhem is a brand new franchise. Within the game players will be tasked with defeating LEGION (The League of Evil gentlemen intent on obliterating nations....I like what they did there) by picking a team of three Agents from a choice of twelve (although your team can be changed in the game to tackle missions in all sorts of ways). Set in Seoul in a Futuristic version of South Korea the game seems to be a mixture of saints row, overwatch and ghost recon: Wildlands and if the team behind it manage to get the balance right Agents of Mayhem could be this Augusts breakout hit.

Gat from Saints Row in his Magnum PI costume
Ariadne, one of the members of LEGION
Gremlin is responsible for creating the AoM's weapons
We hope to have more on Agents of Mayhem in the upcoming month before its release on the 18th of August. Now lets hit the cleanup

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