Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Playstation Plus - August 2017 games revealed.

Oh hai, Jason here.

It's that time of the month where Sony reveal your monthly bowl of gaming bonuses. Let's do this thing.

Just Cause 3
The explodey open world chaos of Just cause 3 is the first game up for PS4. After Until Dawn last month, could this be a good sign. Regardless Just Cause 3 is great fun and one of the best additions.

Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry
The stand alone DLC for Assassin's creed 4 is the second offering for PS4. AC4 was arguably the most fun of the series, so this expansive piece of DLC is a welcome addition.

Super Motherload
I don't know much about Super Motherload, but by god does it look Indie in all the wrong ways. It might be fun for a bit but I doubt many people will give it much time. A PS3 offering.

Snakeball looks like a better addition, mostly because it looks like a cross between classic Nokia pass time, Snake and Rocket League...but only time will tell. PS3 only alas.

This retro inspired platformer involves you're Baymax inspired character working his way down a well. It looks fine but it's cross play for Vita and PS4 so that's something.

Level 22
The usual indie stuff, but with an interesting concept, you're late for work and have to sneak to your desk. So a slightly more interesting than usual stealth em up...but nothing that amazing. It's a PS Vita offering, but on the store it's listed as being available for PS4...I assume the Vita version is out next week so I've no idea if it'll be cross-play.

That's it for this PS+ round up....a damn good month for PS4....indie crap for PS3 and Vita....ah well. Time for the clean up.

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