Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Superhot Review - PSVR

What is Superhot? It's a first person time manipulating shooter puzzle game. Wow, I don't think I will say that again anytime soon!

You are dropped into a combat situation and you have to use the weapons and objects around you to kill all the enemies before they can get you. The unique aspect of this is that time only moves when you move.

And, don't forget it is a one-hit-one kill game for both you and your opponents, so stay alert, and take stock of the situation before you move.

OK straight out of the gate, I loved this game. It's super fun, intense and engaging. However, if you want to play it on VR, make sure you have some decent space around you (I may have punched a wall), with enough room to take two steps in any direction. Bullet dodging, and ducking behind cover is all part of the game. This one actually requires you to move.

The graphics are simple but solid, with a little roughness and blurriness to them when time is stopped, or they are in the distance. Overall, it's pretty solid and striking looking.

Your enemies are represented by red crystalline figures that move surprisingly smoothly, and when they die they shatter very satisfyingly (think the enemies in the opening to Daniel Craig's Casino Royale).

Each level is split into 5 or 6 scenarios that are loosely connected together. If you die in any of them, you start the level again. I found this refreshingly challenging, but I imagine some would find it frustrating.

All the weapons work well (although I have discovered I have no aptitude for throwing weapons), and because everything kills, they all feel suitably meaty and dangerous. My personal favourite weapon is the UZI. Holding a pair of them and spraying down a room full of bad guys is awesome.

The game isn't perfect, though. The 180-degree camera has a habit of losing you when you are forced to twist into some positions to dodge bullets, or reach for an inconveniently dropped weapon, which can be frustrating. I have heard of people having trouble with the controllers, which leads to them constantly resetting them, although I didn't have this problem.

The lack of story could be considered another issue with the game, and it would have been nice but ultimately, this is a minor issue as the action is what pulls you in from one scenario to the next.

This is a must have for people looking for their next PSVR title, and will keep you engaged from 30 minutes to 3 hours to play through the main game if you suck at games (like me). I felt driven to go through it a second time. There is also a horde mode, where swarms of enemies keep coming. This gives you something to keep coming back to after you complete the main game.

Score: A solid 7 out of 10. Just remember - if you're showing it to your friends, stay out of punch range, or you could take a surprising whack to the head!

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