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The Best Gaming Vinyls for your Collection

Here at Geek Mash we are huge video game fans, loving anything from fighting games to RPGS, and more.

Along with some of the most memorable games come some fantastic soundtracks. Since the start of gaming history, music has been very important. If you don't have the right song playing, it can ruin the atmosphere of the game. 

Music also carries a lot of nostalgia, too. It can bring back some childhood memories, reminding you of your favourite games and moments. For instance, the first time you enter Hyrule Field in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, to when you finally beat the super-hard boss in Dark Souls. 

Lately, I have started collecting vinyls; mainly video game soundtracks. Sticking on a record whisks me back to my childhood, revisiting some fantastic classics, excellent sound, and some kick-ass artwork to boot. 

I used to mainly listen to songs digitally, as it was much easier to access it on my phone, but when I listened to my first vinyl, I was amazed at how good it sounded compared to digital. Now, I'm addicted to buying new vinyls for my collection whenever I can. I've not only collected some great video game soundtracks, but I've also picked up movie soundtracks, rock, classic rock, 70s music and more. 

These days, it can be a bit pricey to go buy all brand new vinyls ranging anywhere from £15 to £40 depending on how many records it has and how rare they are (plus, if it's The Beatles it automatically is on the high end). Luckily, also you can go to bootsales or flea markets to find some classics if you're lucky at bargain prices. Just last week I got 2 movie soundtracks for 50p each - a bargain compared to the shops. 

So let me wisk you away with a turntable, and a great set of speakers, and let's listen to some fantastic video game soundtracks. If you're looking to start a video game soundtrack collection, these are my choices.

Hero of Time 
(Music from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time)

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is adored by many people to this day, often billed as the best in the The Legend of Zelda series. Being one of the main reasons to own a N64, Ocarina of Time changed the series in so many ways, taking the franchise from 2D to 3D and showing the world how to do grand adventures in a big way. Along with a fantastic game came a memorable soundtrack that to this day I will still hum along every time I hear the music. 

In 2015, I went to The Legend of Zelda symphony, and it was an amazing and memorable night. Not only did I relive childhood moments, it was also my second date with now my Fiancee. 

When I found out we were getting a orchestra version of Ocarina of Time, I couldn't wait. Not only does it sound amazing, but there's some beautiful art work on the record and the sleeve. This isn't just a orchestral version of the soundtrack, it is an arranged version giving you some of the best memorable songs. 


Dreamcast sadly didn't sell well. It came out at the wrong time, really. The PS1 just had so much going for it that Sega didn't have a chance, but that doesn't mean we didn't get some amazing games. People are still demanding that these are ported, or sequels are created. 

Shenmue 1 was something very different for the time, and this is why it cost such a crazy amount of money to make it. Sadly, we only got 2 games at the time when we were meant to get a whole bunch, but when the game was a commercial flop and was just a huge hit to the niche market, Sega cancelled the rest of the series. Luckily, we finally will be able to continue the story after so many years with the successful Kickstarter campaign, which will be giving us the 3rd game in the series.

Along with fellow Geek Mash member Neil, I love the Shenmue soundtrack, which manages to bring you into the world, and create a great atmosphere. Enjoy this lovely soundtrack, and be transported to Japan.


Being a huge hit lately on PC, Undertale surprised everyone due to it genuinely being a fantastic RPG. It has a great set of characters, funny dialogue, unique gameplay and a great story. Undertale shows you that you don't need fancy new graphics to be a huge hit in the gaming market these days. Soon, more people will be able to play this game as it's finally getting a console release later this year. 

Undertale's soundtrack has some of the best old retro music out there. Each song fits the situation perfectly. From exploring the world, to the fun imaginative boss fights and beyond. Please check out the game when comes out soon on consoles! 

No Man's Sky

Whilst No Man's Sky was something of a disappointment, it did deliver an excellent soundtrack. Created by alternative band 65daysofstatic, the soundtrack included the perfect blend of alternative music with instrumental, atmospheric melodies. 

Even though the gameplay got too samey after the first few hours, the soundtrack made it a delight to keep exploring the planets and the whole universe. I traded in the game only after a week, but I bought the soundtrack instantly on vinyl and it will stay in my collection forever. 

Streets of Rage 1

This game is a huge childhood memory for me and likely one of the games I have completed the most. I never get bored of playing this game over and over again. I constantly changed characters with each play through I enjoyed, although I mainly picked the woman, as I loved her moves more. 

I loved calling in support too to help in them sticky situations, and having co op made it even better. I'd love to have a remake done right, but sadly it'll likely never happen. 

The soundtrack really got you going, and one of my favourite songs on the soundtrack is the boss music. 

Fallout 4

The Fallout 4 on vinyl has been put together very well, with some great artwork on each sleeve, 6 records and a fantastic box to hold it all in. Fallout 4 is a great set to have in your collection. 

Let this soundtrack transport you back into the wastleland even though I don't know if you'd like to be in that world, in reality. At least you will have some fantastic music to listen to while you try to survive the harsh conditions or fighting off whatever is trying to kill you from crazy robots to ghouls. 


Being one of the most beloved platformers on N64, Banjo-Kazooie has a charming soundtrack to go along with it. Fans are still crying out for a true sequel to the series, as we can't let Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts n Bolts be the last one in the franchise. It deserves better than that, and hopefully Microsoft will realise that one day. 

Platformers are having a huge comeback this year, so here's hoping they will risk it and bring back the beloved bear and bird to the world. 


One of the hardest games on the NES, Battletoads has a pretty funky soundtrack to go along with it. One thing great about this vinyl is it's a limited edition that has a sound chip inside the sleeve. When you opened the vinyl, it would play a little bit of cutscene music. It's also got some fantastic artwork inside, too!


Whilst the Halo franchise story has dwindled a little in last couple of games (despite having a brilliant multiplayer mode), one thing that stays as strong as ever is the fantastic score. It gets you pumped for fighting the flood, and the covenant. This vinyl has some very epic songs for some of the best moments in gaming history. If you're not even a fan of the series, you still can't go wrong with this soundtrack. Let's hope that the next Halo game gets the story back on track to greatness like the original trilogy. 

Final Fantasy 

And finally, we end on the Final Fantasy series as a whole on vinyl. I'm a big fan, but my favourite would always be Final Fantasy 7. It has some of the best music for a RPG still to this day. I always love hearing the Sephiroth music, and how he provokes fear into you. He is one of the most iconic villains in the series, and likely always will be. 

Even though I am a little worried about the remake coming out in a few years time, I'm hoping at least they keep the music as good as it was back in the day. 

So there you have it! Here's just a few of my recommended video game soundtracks on vinyl. Video game vinyls tend to sell out pretty quickly, so if there are any soundtracks you want to get, you better be quick before they go as a lot of the time they don't come back.

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