Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Vampyr Preview

It's in the Blood

It seems that colour is very much the in thing within the world of videogame with many recent and upcoming games such as Horizon, Breath of the wild, Uncharted 4, Watch_Dogs 2 and many more being packed with green's and blues and reds. The era of the grim and dark experience, filled with rain and Gothic architecture is at least for now a rare beast. But Focus Home Interactive's Vampyr aims to bring a little bit of London poverty and dirt back to Consoles and PC this November.

Set in 1918's London after the end of WWI, you'll control Dr. Jonathan Reid, who's had the unfortunate luck to return from the hell of the Great War with Vampirism and who now finds himself trying to cure a Spanish Flu epidemic while also fighting his own darkness and base instincts while having to deal with Vampire Hunters and Undead Skal. The team at Focus Home are designing a world in which choices and consequences are paramount. Dr. Reid is constantly fighting against his hunger to feed. Doing so will provide him with XP and more strength and Vampiric powers...but will also make the world a more dangerous place as his kind are hunted and the City has to deal with the consequences of that persons death. For example killing someone who runs a shop that Dr. Reid regularly used will cause that shop to close down and reduce available resources. Vampyr seems to want to ask a very dark question of players...not so much should you kill...but who you should kill.

But as an action RPG Vampyr also requires you to deal with the various threats the streets of London hold. Stealth is an option, sticking to the shadows and higher places, but with guns, blades, fists and your own blood powered vampiric powers Jonathan Reid can more than hold his own, and with a flexible skill tree you'll be able to focus on the skills that suit your style of play. Of course the most obvious comparison there s to Vampyr is the Witcher 3....fine company to be compared with. Both have flexible combat systems with timing being key, both have conversation wheels and both have consequences for choices. But there are other comparisons to be made such as the old PS1 RPG Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen and even Watch_Dogs with both games allowing you to profile people you walk Vampyr's case you'll even be informed of the quality of people's blood to help you decide whom to feast on.

You can get a closer look at Vampyr's gameplay above and hopefully we'll get an exact release date soon. Time for the clean up

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