Sunday, 16 July 2017

Weekly Videogame News (16/07)

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Welcome to a (hopefully) weekly event where we'll take a look at some of the biggest videogame news in all of consoledom. Lets do this thing.

WWE2K Is coming to the Nintendo Switch

For the first time since 2013, Nintendo owners will be able to get their hands on a WWE game. Not only is this good news for wrestling fans but it demonstrates that more companies are willing to give the Switch third party support. Announcement trailer below featuring Seth Rollins below.

Star Wars Battlefront II Beta date revealed.

EA have revealed the date for the upcoming Battlefront II Beta. October the 4th for those who've pre-ordered and two days later on the 6th for everyone else. The beta will be playable on PS4, Xbox one and Origins on PC. The Beta will include the battle for Naboo seen at the EA play event just before E3 and the game itself is out on November 17th.

Steam bans a hell of alot of cheaters

On the 6th of Jult Steam banned over 40,000 accounts. The main reason seems to be people who use multiple accounts to buy multiple copies of a discounted game so they can test for which cheats and hacks can work while remaining undetected. Eurogamer reports that $7388 worth of purcheses were forfited.

Gran Turismo sport release date revealed

Sony have revealed the release date for arguebly their biggest exclusive of the Christmas period. Gran Turismo Sport will be released exclusively on PS4 October 17th. Trailer below.

Ni No Kuni II delayed

The sequel to critically acclaimed RPG Ni No Kuni has been delayed by two months and is now due for release on the 19th of Januaray.

Kingdom hearts III given a new trailer revealing a Toy Story themed world and a release year

Kingdom Hearts III has finally been given a release year and is due some time in 2018. There has also been a new trailer shown off at Disney's D23 event showing in game footage from a Toy Story themed world that looks especially good. Trailer below.

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