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Weekly Videogame News (23/07)

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Welcome to the second annual thrill ride of utter sweat soaked excitement that is the weekly news in the world of videogames, including Beta's, fighters, telltaler's and Rutger Hauer. Let's do this thing.

Telltale reveal not one but three new games.

This week Telltale revealed not one, but three new games. The first and probably least exciting was a new Batman series, which has been created surprisingly quickly all things considered, and is due on August 8th. The second was the final series of The walking dead due some time in 2018. This is the first Telltale series that will have an actual finale which makes it an especially important project for the company, and Clementine will once again be the focus after playing a smaller role in the third series. The final game also penciled in for 2018 was the fan pleasing announcement of the fables inspired The Wolf Among us 2, the sequel to once of the most beloved of all Telltales franchises.

BlazBlue returns....with a twist.

The latest instalment of the BlazBlue fighting franchise will make an appearance some time in 2018. However the Arc System Works game has a twist this time, BlazBlue cross tag battle will included characters from a variety of other franchises. The trailer above shows off characters from Persona 4, the 3D anime series RWBY and from fellow fighting game under night: In-birth.....speaking of which...

Yet more fighting game goodness coming to the West

The west is getting another Japanese fighting game in the form of the ridiculously titled Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]...yep that is one hell of a name. The brawler is set for release at the end of this year from PQube.

Destiny 2 Beta begins.

The Destiny 2 Beta has been going on this past week with early access for those who pre-order, and it ends today. The Beta includes the opening story section focusing on an attack on the citadel, a strike called the inverted spite, and a bomb planting multiplayer mode. Personally I wasn't impressed as the controls felt stickier and the cool downs were stupidly long. It felt to me that little new was on display outside of more story but Destiny 2 will likely still sell like hotcakes and is out September 6th on PS4 and Xboxone while PC players will have to wait till October 24th

Rutger Hauer set to star in >Observer from Bloober team.

The team behind un-nerving horror game, Layers of fear have revealed more information on their latest upcoming Cyber-punk horror, >Observer, including the fact it will star veteran actor Rutger Hauer. The game focuses on Daniel Lazarski who is an Observer, someone who's job it is to hack their way into the minds of suspects and find out what dark secrets are being hidden away. The first person Futuristic horror has also been given a surprisingly close release date of the 15th of August, so horror fans want have to wait long.

Doom for all.

Bethesda are celebrating the release of update 6.66 by making all Multiplayer DLC free for everyone as well as offering a free weekend for Xbox one and PC gamers (this very weekend) and PS4 owners getting one starting on the 27th of July. On the downside everyones level will be set to Zero in this new patch due to changes in player progression....although items won't be taken off veteran players.

Well that's it for this week's news. It's been a busy time for us as well with reviews of Serial cleaner, Yonder: The cloud catcher chronicles and Fate/Extella on the Switch recently as well as a preview of the Action RPG Vampyr. But now it's cleanup time.

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