Sunday, 30 July 2017

Weekly Videogame News (30/07)

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Dance readers, dance around in unbridled joy as its time for the fun filled cream bun that is the weekly news, lets do this thing.

Playstation Plus price hike

Sad news as Sony announced a price hike for Playstation plus in Europe. As of the 31st of August a full year will be £49.99, £19.99 for three months and £6.99 for a single month. It's not clear why this increase is happening (Likely just good old fashioned greed) but with Until Dawn this month and Just Cause 3 in August this may mean full fat games will be included for good...lets hope so.

Dragon Quest XI confirmed for the west

Square Enix have confirmed that the latest in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive age is coming to the west in 2018. No solid release window has been confirmed, but Square Enix have said we'll get more information this Autumn which is good news for all those who enjoy murdering slimes.

Doomfist arrives

Doomfist has finally arrived in Overwatch. The character is recieving a mixed reception as he's quite tricky to get the hang of, but at least Blizzard can be a bit more picky with the direction they go for their next playable character as this long anticipated addition to the roster is now out in the world. The Doomfist patch also means that duplicate items will be less common.

The sims are returning to console

The sims 4 will be coming to PS4 and Xbox one this November 17th and those who preorder can recieve the perfect patio stuff pack, for all your patio needs. No doubt there will be tons of DLC extras to purchase, but with EA's new attitude there may also be a fair volume of free stuff over time.

Pokemon Go event goes wrong

Niantic's Pokemon Go event in Chicago last weekend ended up being a disaster. With long waiting times and major server issues they companyy ended up giving refunds to many people who felt they'd wasted their time.

That's it for this weeks news....and yeah it was a quiet week with most companies doing little more than revealing new details on upcoming titles. Time for the clean up.

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