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7 of the best bite sized anime

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Sometimes in an average everyday human beings life they don't want entertainment that takes up hours of their precious time that could be better used buying kale and watching gifs of newsreaders vomiting live on air...sometimes a person wants nice juicy bite sized chunks of entertainment that can watch with a single kettle boiling instalment. Good news all as while game of thrones will never give you a series of shorts revolving around Podrick Payne's day to day life cleaning armour, anime has you covered with a choice selection of bite sized anime that lasts from a mere 3 minutes up to a max of 15.

Before I start though lets mention some series that didn't get on this list. There's Ooya-san wa shishunki, a tale of a schoolgirl who's also a landlord...which is very dull. Bananya a tale of a cat/banana hybrid which isn't quite as interesting as that concept sounds but is worth a watch if you're bored and the comic artist and his assistants which is amazingly on dvd in spite of being very cliched and by the numbers. Quite a few anime's also have short episode spin-offs such as RE:Zero, but I've opted not to included them on this list as if you like the anime in question, you'll usually enjoy the bite sized extras. So here we go...a list of 7 of what are in my opinion the more enjoyable anime nibbles (anibbles?....).

7. I can't understand what my husband is saying
Kaoru is a mid-twenties office work married to an Otaku, Hajime. Neither seem that well suited to each other yet somehow, with a bit of help from friends and family, it works. Like most anime on this list there's not a whole lot of ongoing plot development...although Kaoru and Hajime do face one major change over the course of the two series. It's a pretty likable anime with ALOT of references that may go over the heads of those who don't absorb every bit of anime going and it has one trope that I'm not fond of....the stereotypical character who's male but dresses and acts as a female. Now before the more left wing of you close this window my problem is that when this trope crops up in an anime theres always one character who treats the cross dressing character as weird (usually someone who receives romantic advances from them) this is a trope that's been about for some time and was actually progressive at one point...but it hasn't altered for over 20 years and has reached the point where it's frankly regressive....rant over. Other than this issue I can't understand what my husband is saying is a likable story about making marriages work, which is an under explored and interesting theme.

6. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Speaking of tropes another common one within anime is characters having personality traits that are similar to perceived ones in animals...and that's the main theme of Inugami-san to Nekoyama-sam. The idea is simple, Inugami loves cats but has dog like characteristics....nekoyama loves dogs and has cat like characteristics...and so a pretty cute yuri romance is built. Throughout the anime we meet a few other characters who also display characteristics of animals as romance slowly blossoms between he two main girls. The only real issue I have is with the character of Hiiragi who's the mutual friend that allows Inugami and Nekoyama to meet in the first place but is frankly a bit unlikeable. In theory she's there to keep the overly enthusiastic Inugami in check but it just comes across like she's preventing the pair from getting closer. Other than that one woe this is a sweet little anime that unlike I can't understand what my husband is saying, has a positive attitude towards sexuality since the lesbian romance is treated very normally.

5. Plastic nee-san

Also known as +Tic Elder Sister, this is a good example of how being a bite sized anime can aid a series to really let go and go full on with the surrealism. The plot...what there is of it, focuses on the three students who make up the plastic model club. That's about it for plot....theres not even that much plastic model building, although the three girls, Iroe, Hazuki and Makina do each have a plastic model attached to the top of their heads (a lighthouse, a train carriage and a tank respectively). The episodes have pretty random humour with most of the entertainment being gained from Iroe "Nee-san's" hyperactive and unpredictable behaviour as well as some of the strange classmates in the school. Plastic nee-san is good turn your brain off entertainment that will drag out more than a few chuckles from any one.

4. Teekyu

Teekyu has alot in common with plastic nee-san in the sense it's a surreal comedy about a group of girls in a club (in this case the tennis club) but Teekyu cranks things up to 11 with a ridiculously fast much so that it's actually pretty tough to keep up with the subtitles. Teekyu also has a the  advantage that there's alot more of it, with series 9 currently airing at the time of writing. The only other edge Teekyu has over the somewhat similar plastic nee-san is that there's a straight man in the group in the form of purple haired yuri which gives the series a bit of a different dynamic as there's someone to react to all the random weirdness happening around them.

3. Please tell me Galko-chan

Please tell me Galko-chan focuses on Galko, a Ganguro girl...which if you don't know is basically the Japanese version of an Essex girl or a Jersey shore girl. Lot's of make up, skimpy clothes, tanned to kingdom come and back, tons of accessories and a slutty reputation. However this series is about subverting those expectations as Galko is friends with the plain and geeky Otako and the ditsy rich girl Ojou. This friendship comes about mostly because Galko is actually quite open minded and has more varied likes in life than her appearance suggests, plus she's non-judgemental. There is also quite a bit of near the knuckle humour as this show is happy to talk about feminine hygiene and stuff along those lines but the core message is one of tolerance and accepting people for who they are, so all in all an entertaining, open minded anime with some slightly risque humour...well worth a watch.

2. Punchim@s

Punchim@s has a slightly weird origins as it's sort of kind of based off a spin-off of a videogame (that was alot of of's and off's). The Idolmaster is a long running videogame series in Japan that's appeared on multiple platforms focusing on managing various pop idols. Punchim@s is a short anime based on a four panel comic based on this videogame yeah a along and winding path to its existence. It tells the tale of the Idols of 765 productions who throughout their day to day lives come across mini-chiba versions of themselves that they adopt. Many of these mini-idols have quirks, powers and abilities from something as simple as afu's hair changing colour depending on the season to Harukasan who multiples and/or changes sizes when she get's wet (yes...Gremlin's is acknowledged). Throw in various other little oddities such as the producer having a giant P as a head and you've got a short little anime that's both gentle yet also deeply weird.

1. Tonari no Seki-kun

It's nice to do a list where you're certain of whats going to take the top spot before you begin to start thinking about it. Tonari no Seki-kun is a charm packed 15 minute anime from the point of view of Rumi, a white haired girl who sits next to Seki, a boy who finds a variety of elaborate ways to kill time in class. Rumi tries to be a well behaved student but can't help but find Seki's games distracting which often gets her in trouble as she tries to get him to behave and pay attention. The thing I love about this anime is how much they get out of simple concepts such as dominos and chess, creating complex stories aided by Rumi's often tense narration. The only real issue is that some episodes refer to very Japanese things such as the Shogi....but outside of that one minor issues Tonari no Seki-kun is one of the most accessible anime's of any length and a real must watch packed with real charm.

Before I end thing's I'd just like to mention two other anime that are being aired at the time of writing, Aho girl, an amusing short anime about a girl who is painful dumb and Tsuredure children, about various blossoming romances between a variety of couples, both of these are as enjoyable as anything here,'s clean up time.

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