Monday, 7 August 2017

LFCC 2017 - An Awesome Day!

The London Film & Comic con came round again last month, and luckily I had the time to get out there for the Saturday. Even better, I had the inclination to pick up a ticket a decent amount of time before hand.

As always, the actual star turnout for this was excellent with celebrities like John Cleese, Benedict Cumberbatch and Wil Wheaton. The Cosplay crowd as always was exceptional with some downright amazing costumes and some bridging the line from costume to piece of engineering, and I had a wonderful time chatting a photographing as many as I could.

The event wasn't entirely without trouble though, as the organisers seemed to seriously underestimate the numbers and many of us had to line in some quite baffling ways before being allowed to move from the train station to the Olympia centre. However, once inside we were able to quickly make our way to the convention proper with little delay or issue.

My personal high points for the event was getting my copy of Ashes of Valkana (its an RPG book) signed by Wil Wheaton, who helped create the setting and game as well as ran a celebrity game online (which I loved). I feel I gained points by not pestering him about a season 2 for this awesome game, however, I probably dropped my points into the minuses when I told him I wasn't pestering him about season 2 (smooth I am not). All in all, he seemed really nice, if tired (he had only recently flown over and it was his birthday so I can't really fault him on that). 

In contrast to Wil Wheaton, my meeting with Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn was considerably more energetic as I told him I really loved his work on the final Mythica movie and he proceeded to tell me about what it was like on the set and about another film he recently acted in for the same company (which I intend to find and watch!), an absolutely lovely guy. I was also happy to get my 4th photo with a member of the Firefly crew (Alan Tudyk) our meeting was brief but amusing as I told him that he was my favourite to play a chicken and he told me how it was a really competitive field to be in!

All in all, I had a fantastic day and I am looking forward to the next con I will leave you with a long list of awesome cosplay pics and with any luck I will have a Costume of my own prepped and ready to roll soon!

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