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Weekly Videogame News (12/08)

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Lock up your wives, hide your daughters and tell your pet ferret to get behind the's the pure atomic bomb of sexiness that is the weekly news. Lets do this thing!
No Man's Sky gets a hefty update

One year after it's release the divisive space exploration game No Man's Sky has a received it's biggest update yet with patch 1.30...aka Atlas rises. The newest patch adds more story, missions, dog fighting improvements, terraforming in certain modes and sort of kind of multiplayer (16 other players can join in but are just represented by orbs). These are welcome additions and the game seems to have mended some fences, but after jumping back in I found that some of the things that bothered me most still haven't been dealt with, specifically the clunky and restrictive inventory system which hampers crafting (they really should add a Resident Evil style chest in space ports...that would fix alot of the woes I personally have). Still the game is improved and it's a good sign that hello games are still trying to mend things.

Super Meat Boy leaps onto the switch

Super Meat Boy continues on its path to appear on every console it can with the news it's coming to the switch. The games already received plenty of praise and seems like a good fit for the switch so it'll probably do just fine and dandy.

Dragons Dogma being re-released

Dragon's Dogma from Capcom is being ported over to PS4 and Xbox one this October. The RPG was originally released back in 2012 and then made part of the instant game collection on PS+ in 2013. I played it a bit and found it to be highly generic, but it seems to have a passionate following and maybe this port will find some new fans.

Xbox achievements changing

While details have yet to emerge it seems that Xbox achievements may be changing. Xbox Corporate Vice president Mike Ybarra recently stated that that his team wants to reward someone who intensively plays a single game as much as someone who plays lots of games, although gamerscores won't be negatively affected by any future changes.

Overwatch summer games sees the return of Lucioball

I feel like I talk about Overwatch far too much on here....although it has been a quiet week. Still Lucioball has been arguably the most popular event mode in the games history so far, likely as it has a hint of rocket league about it, although theres been quite a few changes....most for the worst in my opinion. Of course theres a whole bunch of new items to unlock...mostly focused on summery activities,

So that's that for a rather boring week of news that we've hopefully spiced for geekmash, there may be a few reviews next week hopefully, and there's a planned preview of Danganronpa V3 coming soon (as I bloody love Danganronpa) so lets do the clean up.

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