Sunday, 6 August 2017

Weekly Videogame News (6/8)

Oh hai, Jason here

Better than Christmas, more thrilling than your birthday and less commerically exploititive than valentines's time for the weekly gaming news my darling bluds.

Spotify seems to be coming to Xbox

It appears that the Spotify app is coming to Xbox platforms after spending many years exclusive to Playstation as a screenshot was posted on Reddit this week. Nothing offical has been confirmed so far but hopefully Xbox owners will soon get to listen to singing in the rain while playing gears of war some time soon.

Death Stranding graphics demo

The first graphics demo for the much hyped Death Stranding has been shown off (as seen above)'s under whelming. Theres not really much to it, just a blue sky and somerun down buildings, making you wonder why this was shown off in the first place, but it's still early days and the game is likely at least two years away at best.

Persona games galore

Not one, but three whole persona games are coming next year with a sequel to persona Q giving the 3DS some more life, while persona 3: Dancing moon night and persona 5: Dancing star night are coming to PS4 and Vita. All three of these games are slated for spring 2018 although I'd expect the two dancing focused games to have a bit of a gap....unless theres some sort of pokemon style cross over aspect which could be interesting!

Stardew valley is getting multiplayer

The creators of stardew have lifted the lid on the games long planned multi-player additions which focus on up to three of your friends getting roles as farm hands that will allow them to do pretty much the same work as the main player. You'll also be able to marry each other via some form of new quest. Personally I'm a little baffled by this....was stardew valley a game screaming out for multiplayer additions?

Mario getting a bit edgier?

The upcoming Mario Odyssey has shockingly become the first Mario game to recieve an age rating that isn't the lowest possible with an E10+ rating. Why this is the case we likely won't find out till the game is released but maybe the final boss battle end with Mario shooting Bowser and calling him a punk ass bitch.

That's it for this week's adrenaline rush of distilled news, time for the clean up.

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