Sunday, 10 September 2017

10 more of the best anime opening and closing songs.

Oh hai, Jason here

Praise the elder Gods as we run through more of the opening and closing bits of anime that are great. The previous list of opening songs can be found right here and the closing songs can be found here now lets get to it!

Kemono friends: Closing

Is it worth watching? - Yeah, Kemono friends looks dreadful with basic 3D visuals, yet has become a cult hit due to a gentle atmosphere and alot of heart.
Tanaka Kun is always listless: Opening

Is it worth watching? - Yep, Tanaka Kun is always listless is the anime equivalent of a lazy Sunday afternoon and is nice and gentle with some good laughs.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon maid: Opening

Is it worth watching? - Yeah for the most part, MKDM is a bit too fan servicey at times, but it has some charming characters and is pretty quirky as demonstrated in the opening. Give it a go.

Rezero: Closing 2

Is it worth watching? - God yes, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed Re:zero. Starts off as a stereotypical but enjoyable guy in another world anime but gets darker in the middle of the series. Also Rem for life!

Nichijou: Opening 1

Is it worth watching? - Mostly, Nichijou is a great comedy but the half an hour length means that it has some misses. The link has both openings,  but in my opinion the first is better.

Ground control to psycho-electric girl: Closing

Is it worth watching? - Mostly, its likeable and quirky but fizzles out a bit to the end as it seems to assume that it'll get a second series....which never happened.

Mahou Madoka Magica: Closing

Is it worth watching? - Hell yes, Madoka doesn't seem to get the praise it deserves as it turns the magical costume girl genre on it's head and guides it in dark and unexpected it!

Teekyu: Opening 1

Is it worth watching? - To a degree as Teekyu is a fun and demented short anime...but there is a lot of it and the pace is so fast you'll struggle to read the subtitles.

Hell girl: Opening 1

Is it worth watching? -  Depends on the season. The first is good but a bit of a slog, the second series is fantastic but the third series is a bit of a let down....the fourth series is currently ongoing but I've no idea what it's like. Although I choose the first opening, all Hell girls opening and closing titles are hauntingly good.

Higurashi when they cry: Opening 2

Is it worth watching? - Like hell girl it depends on the series as Higurashi is an anime that resets itself several times in most of the seasons. The first series is a very dark horror that sometimes drags, the second has more of a plot and wraps things up but is less of a horror. Not sure about the other seasons though...give it a go.

That about wraps up 10 more of the best anime opening and closing titles...I hope you had buckets worth of fun...if not an entire ditch Worth's, time for the wrap up

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