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Hi from Rico2099

I'm a 33 year old geek, with a passion for Comics, Boardgames, Dice throwing and Sci-Fi.

You can find me on twitter, and drinking weird coloured drinks in various pubs and bars.

I also write my own blog, called Fishy's View which features film and videogame reviews, top ten favourite music and games lists and random stuff

On a typical normal evening you will find me catching up with my favourite shows or watching old favourites like Big Bang Theory, Forever, Agents of Shield and Futurama

and/or painting my miniatures, either Warhammer related or something to do with my boardgames to make them look snazzy like Super Dungeon Explore and Zombicide

I'll mostly be writing about boardgames and comics but anything and everything could be thrown in there, I like to remain eclectic



Hi I'm Casey!

I'm a 29 year old geek who loves anime, comics, gaming, statues (Hot Toys!) and a variety of other geeky stuff.

You'll mainly see me blogging about anime and gaming, but look out for other posts too! I'm also the group's video-guy and photographer, and you'll find my vids up on our YouTube and blog.

I'm also the other half of Kayleigh (8-Bit Girl). Keep an eye out for our couple let's play streams on YouTube occasionally!

Follow me on Twitter, @realzelda.

Greetings, fellow geeks!

Danto is the name! Musician, actor and aspiring writer. I'm a huge fan of music, film and theatre. 

In my spare time, I can normally be found working stupidly hard on various projects for theatre (currently working with Harlow Theatre Company, Tongue In Cheek Productions, Acorn Theatre Company and Cuffley Operatic Society...simultaneously!) and music (I sing in an acoustic covers duo called Just Us and an originals band called The Altogether).

I'll be blogging about a variety of topics, mostly centred around Film, music and TV (probably heavily featuring Doctor Who).

You can find me on Twitter on danargeek and The Altogether on altogethermusic


Alright SHCLAAAGS. I'm Jason and I'm the living embodiment of societies dregs. I also like geeky stuff, here's the top 5:
1. Videogames - Mostly a sony guy due to my pure and innocent love of the first playstation. If anyone ever wants to send me a games to review then I will love them forever. 2. Anime - Think I'm the biggest anime lover on the team, I'd describe myself as a mid-level fan. Not hardcore, but not someone who's just seen a bit of Naruto. 3. Wrestling - Alas it's been a bit cack for a while (at time of writing 15/09/15).

4. Game of thrones - Arya 4 life. 5. Comics - not a massive comic reader but I do read some stuff, especially Green Lantern. I also make cracking fried bread and occasionally do twitch streams alongside 8-Bit Girl.



I work as a Social Media/Content Associate at Spotify by day, I'm a blogger for Geek Mash and 8-Bit Girl by night. I also occasionally write professionally for various companies, too!

I love Disney, Harry Potter (Hufflepuff for life!), Nintendo, gaming, and music. I adore vintage fashion and 50s dresses.

You'll see me blogging about gaming, films, music, Disney, Harry Potter, and probably anything else I can think of.

If you need me, feel free to tweet me!


Hi I’m the Fishyninja.
Moving swiftly on from the moniker, let me give you a brief overview on the subject matter, which is me, or should that be I?
Anyway I digress. I am a 27 year old geek with a passion for movies, reading, video-games, science, history and weaponry, oh and cooking, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
On a typical evening I will split my time between cooking and eating copious amounts of food, playing video games, normally huge open world RPG’s or toto-bananas First Person Shooters, and looking up info about various melee and ranged weapons.
This will be my real first attempt at blogging, but like any good scientist, I like to delve into new things. I will be writing primarily about: video games; lore and weaponry from games, series and movies; fan theories and I’ll probably throw in my experiences as I delve into new things such as table top games et cetera.
I look forward to bringing proverbial pen to paper.

I AM THE (other) FISH


I'm a geeky gentleman who loves geeky things.

Games, music and films amongst others

I'm RefuseBunny on twitter and RefuseBun on


Hi! My name is MaLkAvIaN2 and I was invited by my good friends to help write in this blog.

I am a 34 year old child with serious self-control issues and a penchant for procrastinating to an INSANE DEGREE! 

I am also a lover of Role-playing games in all their forms and genres with a special place in my heart for Cyberpunk and Heroes Unlimited.

I am looking forward to writing about all the games i love (and the ones I don't love) as well as anything else that pops into chemically unbalanced and deranged mind.

All i can promise is that it will be heavily opinionated and most likely poorly researched but i will try to make it interesting and fun!


My twitter handle is Solar Arrow, but please call me Rossteffer.

I am 33 years old. I am super into my Superheroes, enjoy playing boardgames with my friends and am an avid convention goer. I have just started dabbling in Cosplay and am looking forward to many projects to come.

In my spare time you'll find me watching Arrow and The Flash, The Walking Dead or playing with my niece who herself is an up and coming geek.

I will mostly be writing about Comic Conventions and series overviews for my favourite shows.

My alter ego is Rage Quit Rossteffer, he may appear if anything really grinds my gears.

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